XOXX Composer is a a unique, engaging and whimsical sequencer. A product that inspires musical creativity in an approach that is playful and surprising.

The XOXX Composer is an 8-channel 16-step sequencer. The hardware consists of eight rotating discs and utilises magnets with ball bearings as a means of step sequencing. Also included on the controller are eight individual pitch and volume controls.
XOXX is MIDI compatible, so you can connect to a wide variety instruments, or your favourite DAW. However it can also run in conjunction the dedicated XOXX desktop app, which includes an extensive sample library.

XOXX is a reimagining of the interface for a pad controller or beat sequencer. The physical layout will certainly change how you interact with your music. An ideal tool for people just getting to grips with digital music — or for more experienced composers who haven’t loss their sense of fun.


When can I have one of my own?

The XOXX operates a little bit like a music box. Eight rotating discs are marked with X and Os to signify where magnets can be attached. As the discs rotate, the magnets protruding from the discs activate samples, similar to the way combs pluck the pins on a music box.
Each disc is assigned a specific sound, so you can layer up to 8 different beats at a time. When and how frequently you hear a sound depends on where you place the magnets.

A slider in the upper left corner determines how quickly the discs spin, which correlates to beats per minute displayed under the motor. All the discs come with a volume slider and effects knob. When you’ve finished your perfect beat, you can lift the discs off the dock and replace them with a fresh set.
XOXX makes the creation of music a tangible process—and in some ways a more understandable one.

Some beats made with XOXX Composer